7 in a boat



Other, 400 x 274 cm.
Materials: Hand-knotted 100% silk

Collection: Copyright The Estate of the Artist Courtesy Richard Saltoun Gallery.

Ulay originally performed 7 In A Boat at the International Art Festival Sakushima Island, Japan, in 2000. After making three large-scale photograms – a technique of making photographic images without a camera – on linen, he built three rafts from bamboo, for which the photograms were then attached to the rafts as sails. The rafts were carried to the seashore, where Ulay then undressed and swam each of the rafts out into the sea, where they drifted away. This textile work was produced using one of these photograms before they were used as sails and disappeared at sea. Made of hand-knotted silk, 7 In A Boat is one of a few textiles made by Ulay, and was produced by Tibetan exiles living in Nepal. The palette has a significance for Ulay, made during his “pink period” – a colour he connected with pain, the loss of trust, and with the vulnerability that characterised this period of his life.

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