Alien / Пришелец

Askhat Akhmedyarov / Асхат Ахмедьяров


Photography, 5x ( 30 x 45) cm; 1 x (90 x 60) cm.
Materials: Digital print on matte paper (x5), digital print on matte paper, aluminium mounted (x1)

Collection: M HKA, the Shagylys collection.

The extra-terrestrial has long been a special subject for Kazakhstani contemporary artists. The poetic landscape of the country with its vast steppes merging into the infinite sky brings thoughts about outer space. Hosting Baikonur, the world’s first spaceport, Kazakhstan has also witnessed the dawn of cosmonautics. The photographic series Alien shows the artist, dressed in a handmade space-suite made of kitchen foil. Wandering alone as if in search of a way to present himself to the world, he finally reveals his face, playfully launching in the sky a part of what was his protective attire. Inspired by Akhmedyarov’s personal memories, the work refers to the feelings of loneliness and alienation experienced by the artist in Kazakhstani society. Alien can also be seen as a broader reflection on the relationship between artists and the world.

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