Mass and Individual Moving


Sculpture, 6 x 11 x 4,5 m.

Phoenix is a wooden printing machine whose giant hammer can strike medallions in silver, gold or copper. Each medallion bears the name Phoenix Works.

The colossus is 6 meters high, 11 meters long, 4,5 meters wide and weighs a total of 2,500 kg. The mechanism is not based on solar or wind energy like previous machines, but on the operation of cogs. A specially designed bas-relief logo is chiseled into the Phoenix. The logo symbolises the Benu, a bird from Egyptian mythology and a precursor of the phoenix. The hammer bears the inscription 'Massarum atque Individuorum Motus': Mass and Individual Movement.

In 1998, the exhibition Flanders Technology International (Ghent) invites the Phoenix to print the logo of the exhibition: a handshake between a human and a robot.

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