I’ll explain everything to the geese

Ignace Cami



Collection: Courtesy of the Artist and DMW Gallery.

I’ll explain everything to the geese is based on the old folk tradition of goose riding, which is still practiced today in various Antwerp polder villages. During a competition, one by one horse riders from various local goose associations ride under a goose that is hung upside down. The aim is to be the first to separate the goose’s head from its body, and the winner may call him- or herself king or queen of the association for a year. Originally, live geese were used, but today dead or artificial ones are used. I’ll explain everything to the geese consists of ceramic goose heads chained to glasses. The work can be activated in the form of a reception. Guests are offered drinks and in return must take care of the object attached to their glass. All the goose heads look similar, but each is handmade and unique. The repetition of the same objects and actions gives the whole a ritual character. In carrying the same ‘burden’, people are unwittingly bound to each other. I’llexplain everything to the geese questions the attraction and emotional charge of belonging to a community. Cami asks if folk traditions should continue to exist in the same form, or whether alternatives and deviations are possible.


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