Ignace Cami



Ignace Cami’s new project of the same name, RE:ANKER (2023), comprising a newly formed choir. Three songs about Antwerp and its port are sung by a group of twelve singers that are new to the Dutch language. Individually writing their own lyrics through the act of listening, they phonetically transform the original words and sounds into something new and enigmatic. Cami initiated the collaborative singing performance RE:ANKER specifically for his solo exhibition of the same name at M HKA. Entwining the connective nature of singing with the alien experience of facing a foreign language, the transformative power of interpretation is harnessed. After just four rehearsals, these newly transformed versions were recorded.


Mohammed Al-Romaithy

Sonny Burga

Silva Chilingaryan

Almagul Imans

Zackary Kear 

Josée Inès Mpundu

René Penda

Andrea Elisa Caixeta Reimberg

Minh Thao Tran

Marina Tsaran

Miguel Vasconcelos

Fithriana Nur Yusup 


Musical support: Elisabeth Alders

Producer: Lode Geens

Design: Pauline Scharmann

Recording: Jérémy Michel

Pressing: Deep Grooves

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