7 am Sunday Morning

Kerry James Marshall


Painting, 304.8 x 548.64 cm.
Materials: acrylic, canvas banner

Collection: Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Joseph and Jory Shapiro Fund by exchange.

7am Sunday Morning (2003) references Edward Hopper’s painting Early Sunday Morning (1930).

Like Hopper, Marshall presents a scene from everyday life in the early morning. 7am Sunday Morning is a large painting on unstretched canvas which contains the large distortion of a lens-flare. Various visual planes overlap each other. On the one side there is the neighborhood of Marshall’s studio as calm and serene, while on the other there is a visual effect of refracted light that is descriptive of a photographic image. The relative lack of activity and the soft tints of colour give this painting a tranquility, something that rather contrasts with the neighbourhood's more animated daily reality.

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