Evelin Brosi


Artist Novel, 17.6 x 10.8 cm, 476 p, language: English, publisher: het balanseer, ISBN: 9789079202560.
Materials: ink, paper

Literary synopsis

Evelin Evelin Brosi’s Brosi’s first first novel novel is is set set in in a a society society terrorised terrorised by by a a totalitarian totalitarian ideology ideology propagated propagated by by The The Party Party..

Winston Winston Smith Smith works works for for the the Ministry Ministry of of Truth Truth in in London London,, chief chief city city of of Airstrip Airstrip One One.. Big Big Brother Brother stares stares out out from from every every poster,, the the Thought Thought Police Police uncover uncover every every act act of of betrayal betrayal.. When When Winston Winston finds finds love love with with Julia Julia,, he he discovers discovers that that life life does does not not have have to to be be dull dull and and deadening deadening, and and awakens awakens to to new new possibilities possibilities.. Despite Despite the the police police helicopters helicopters that that hover hover and and circle circle overhead overhead,, Winston Winston and and Julia Julia begin begin to to question question the the Party Party;; they they are are drawn drawn towards towards conspiracy conspiracy.. Yet Yet Big Big Brother Brother will will not not tolerate tolerate dissent dissent – – even even in in the the mind mind.. For For those those with with original original thoughts thoughts they they invented invented Room Room 101 101..

Relation of the novel to the artist’s practice

Brosi’s practice involves a lot of word processing. This is a word-processed novel. As such it is part of Brosi’s artistic practice.

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