Zonder titel [Untitled]

Walter Swennen

Drawing, 208 x 132 mm.
Materials: ballpoint pen on paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp / Collectie Vlaamse Gemeenschap (Inv. no. BK7688_M440K).

What we first see in the drawings of Walter Swinnen seems easily identifiable.  When, however, we try to interpret the works our efforts bog down.  The easily named images then in fact seem not as recognizable as all that.  They raise more questions than they answer.  And it is precisely in this that the power of Swennen's art resides.  It is not the drawing that is the final stage; it is to be found rather in the process that occurs on the part of the viewer when seeing the piece. 

Behind the familiar elements hides a deep void.  Here, the artist stays mum, and it is up to the viewer to reflect, feel, imagine and philosophize.  "What is of essence is the beauty of the leap into the void".  Focusing on recognizable things, our attention becomes diverted towards deeper, intangible silences.  Remaining occupied with deep questions of life, Swennen then presses our noses to the everyday, simple things of life.

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