NON STOP (Amsterdam)

Fransje Killaars


Materials: nylon, metal

Collection: De Vleeshal Collection, Middelburg (The Netherlands) (Inv. no. VH0249).

In her installations, paintings and applied artworks, Dutch artist Fransje Killaars always plays with space, light and colour. This work is a combination of NON STOP (Innsbruck) from the Vleeshal Middelburg collection and NON STOP (Paris) from the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam collection. The two were merged into a new piece: NON STOP (Amsterdam). The thin nylon fabric makes the work look like a summer pavilion. Its exterior is determined by a vertical architecture of colour. Inside the pavilion visitors can lie down on berths with pillows and blankets, reminiscent of a train compartment, a reference to Killaars’s travels in colourful India and an invitation for visitors to engage each other in intimate conversation. The installation makes us feel sheltered from the outside world, although nothing more than a thin piece of fabric is shielding us from its impact.

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