Herkisting [Re-Casing]

Honoré δ'O



Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0304).

The installation Herkisting (Re-casing) is a good example of Honoré δ'O's continuous attempts at achieving participation and interaction with his audience. Viewers are invited to activate the video projected by the beamer by taking the beamer out of its pyramid-shaped casing and directing it towards the wall. Honoré δ'O leaves the choice of video to be shown up to M HKA. During the current exhibition, the video shown in Re-casing is called Toon tonen of niet tonen (To show or not to show, 2004), made by the artist himself. The video follows a group of choir singers as they walk through a house, singing Gregorian chants. δ'O made this video on the occasion of a collection presentation at M HKA in 2004, which was focused on works by artist Toon Tersas.

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