You may use my picture

Honoré δ'O


Video, 01:02:02.

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7271_M233_02).

The oeuvre of Honoré d’O consists of installations of sculptures, assemblages and video works.  It is multi-facetted to say the least, and always in motion.  The artist was born in 1961 as Raf Van Ommeslaege, and born anew in 1984 as Honoré d’O.  This rebirth is not only marked by a change in name, but also as an emphatic assertion of his take on art and life - for him, perfectly interchangeable.

Honoré d’O’s art is not heavy, it's light-footed and playful.  As a viewer, you are constantly invited to play along and to become part of the composition.  You can also look at his work from a variety of viewpoints, giving rise to ever-new meanings.

The sublime video You may use my picture shows the edited result of the artist's journey to Nepal.  Images from the expedition are interspersed at a furious pace with shots of everyday, but moving, objects.  This film is an ode to seeing, to pleasure, to nature and, above all, to human creativity. 

In the video we find references to the artist's breathing difficulties encountered during his climbs in the Himalayas, but also to the environmental problems of Nepal.  The artist couples his own physical limitations to the eco-catastrophes in the Himalayan region.  Dependent upon the associations we make as viewers, one comes to aesthetic, formal, functional, political or personal meanings - and all of these may be in constant flux.   

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