Drawings, Maps and Composite Actions: Goat Legend

Cameron Jamie


Installation, variable dimensions.
Materials: mixed media

Collection: De Vleeshal Collection, Middelburg (The Netherlands).

With a lantern in hand, you are led over a disorienting circuit through a dark mountain landscape. Finally you come to a valley, where drawings are hanging. The drawings are shady, estranging and troubling.

This complete installation refers to the body, the horror-iconography and San Fernando Valley where Cameron Jamie grew up, and refers to haunted houses, or hell houses, places of refuge for those people whose lives are an even greater living hell. The represented figures seem to have changed to a zombie state; as though they have been awakened after death. The drawing style, applied collage technique and the use of human hair in some drawings make it seem as though the work was created in a near-ritualistic manner. The drawings comprise the sediment of Jamie’s’ performances of Goat, where he to the San Fernando Valley dressed as a vampire. With this special form of performance-documentation, Cameron Jamie succeeds in mythologizing Goat in his very own particular way.

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