Anna in Hollywood - Volume One : Pride & Lechery

Dale Edwin Wittig


Book, 21.6 x 14 cm, 66 p, language: English, publisher: San Francisco, California: Preprosperous Press.
Materials: ink, paper

Collection: Collectie M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. B 2025/584).

Literary synopsis *Anna in Hollywood* is Wittig’s surreal journey into the 1930s world of the Bavarian starlet Anna Liszt, who in *Volume 1* moves to Hollywood and lands a role in a film adaptation of a Jane Austen novel. Wittig describes Anna’s adventures with her producer, her co-star Larry, and her sister (also named Anna), in a fluid style that incorporates narrative description, poetry, and historical fantasy. Relation of the novel to the artist’s practice [Wittig’s collages made from black and white photographs illustrate the story.](

Authorship: Artist Author.

Creative Strategy: Artworks Cite Novel.

Genre: Historical fiction.

Publishing: Self-Publishing.

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