Autorretrato. Estructura. Informe, 9.6.1972 [Self-Portrait. Structure. Report, 9.6.1972]

Teresa Burga


Installation, ongeveer 12 m.
Materials: installatie van foto's, tekeningen, documenten, elektrocardiogram, fonocardiogram, lichtobject en geluid

Collection: Collectie M HKA, Antwerpen / Collectie Vlaamse Gemeenschap (Inv. no. BK007804).

In the installation Autorretrato. Estrectura. Informe, 9.6.72, Burga presents a series of diagrams and medical documents that demonstrate a scientific approach to her own identity. Here she submits herself, her body and her face, to the depersonalized logic of a measurement. The installation is subdivided into three domains, 'Informe rostro', 'Informe corazón' and 'Informe sangre' (report of face, heart and blood). These reports show the information collected on the date given in the piece's title. The project is not only an ironic reflection on the traditional notion of the self-portrait, but also criticizes processes that are intent on to standardising the individual.  

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