Six days a week



Collage, 6 x (45 x 32 x 1.6 cm).
Materials: newspaper, glue, wood

Collection: M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7201_M216).

'Books, newspapers, magazines, files, papers. Printed paper. I redistribute it with a different outlook. It is approached in the opposite manner: I don't write a book, but rework it into an image uncharged with words. Parallel to the action of writing, I develop the action of cutting, by which the paper gets cut into strokes that - edges folded upwards - are glued together and pressed into a tablet that recovers the original size of the particular book used. Free of meaning and textual context, the word is only placed on the surface as a trace. This reworking I call "dead letters.".'  (Denmark)

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