David Blair


Materials: mixed media

In 1992 David Blair walked into the New York Public Library with six words. The search term was: 'Japanese in Budapest, Jews in Japan'. He started an extensive research project which in a flashback takes us to Manchuria for the reconstruction of a lost film production, the doomed epic of 'The Lost Tribes'. Using video and animation, installations, paintings, sculptures and performances, the project is an attempt to reconstruct the lost telepathic film. David Blair explores the boundaries that separate fact and fiction, truth and fabrication.

I was a Real Estate NOTARY

I was a Camera COLLECTOR

I was an Telepathic ANIMATOR

When a property was sold, I bought a camera.

Every camera in my collection was a frame of film.

The frames made an Animation, which was The Telepathic Place.

Here you can see the Creation of the Telepathic Place via Animation

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