The Man Who Had a Beautiful House

Julian VillaseñorJimmie DurhamMaria Thereza Alves


Video, 00:07:27.
Materials: dvd

Collection: Courtesy of the artist.

"The Man Who Had A Beautiful House was filmed in Mexico where I used to live. There are no houses around for many kilometres. Before Mexico I had lived in New York City, until 1987. So many homeless people in that very rich city of that very rich country. And I remember how happily arrogant and vulgar the rich Americans were in the ‘80’s. It is such a strange world we live in now … Well, our video of a man who has a ‘dream house’ ends abruptly, almost as though the world became tired of his silly story and moved on. My partner, Maria Thereza Alves, is actually the video artist, and I am more of a performer in front of the camera."

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