A Mushroom from the Grunewald Forest

Jimmie Durham


Assemblage, 85 x 67 x 10 cm, 53 x 67 x 10 cm.
Materials: Dried mushroom, ink, wood, mounted on cardboard.

Collection: Courtesy of Galerie Wien Lukatsch, Berlin.

Two wooden boards are presented side-by-side: on one, the artist describes a process which results in the physical matter (the dried mushroom) being displayed on the other. He couples, in this way, a narrative to this strange object. Through his text, Durham tells us how he has found a giant mushroom during his wanderings in the Grünewald Forest. He approaches the spectator (“Yes it does look a bit strange; nevertheless you are also a bit strange”), assuming our presence and recognizing the context of this encounter when explaining that the mushroom is also “suitable for museums”.

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