Isou ou la Mécanique des Femmes

Isidore Isou


Book, 20 cm, 294 p, language: French, publisher: Aux Escaliers de Lausanne.
Materials: ink, paper

Collection: collection MHKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. B 2026/65).

Literary synopsis

Isou ou la mécanique des Femmes is a novel on the seduction and physical love, the two ideas of the book being the possibility for the men meet an unlimited number of partners and for women to have an unlimited number of orgasms.

Relation of the novel to the artist’s practice

For this text and some other erotic books previously published, Isou was tried and imprisoned. A petition circulated and many intellectuals took his defense, among them: G. Nevaux, L. Pauwels, A. Roussin, A. Maurois,. Mr. Achard, M. Aymé, A. Breton, J. Cocteau, A Gance, Ph. Soupault, T. Tzara, among others.

Authorship: Artist Author.

Creative Strategy: No Link to Artworks.

Genre: Erotic/Pornographic.

Theme: Love, Seduction, Sex.

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