Le rendez-vous fatal

Robert Devriendt


Painting, 8 x 9 cm, 19 x 10 cm, 7 x 13 cm, 7 x 10 cm.
Materials: oil, canvas

Collection: Courtesy Gallery Albert Baronian, Brussels.

"I don't paint portraits, I paint characters. And then why not artists, curators, the girl from an Italian restaurant, a collector... What's more fun than putting elements from 'reality' into a different scenario? (...) Naturally, recognition is a very important factor, whether it be persons, things... anything to do with content. This way, I make contact with the viewer – and, after all, that's what it's all about."

The title of the piece Le rendez-vous fatal (2010-2011) indeed suggests a story. But it is for the viewer to fill it in or reconstruct it by imagining the likely intervals between the shown images. While Devriendt paints with great detail and his works aim towards photorealism, what he shows us is a succession of ideas and images in a staged, fictional reality. His work seems true-to-life but everything is staged, like in a film.

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