Inside the White Cube (Hond M HKA editie)

Yann Sérandour


Object, 21 x 21 x 21 cm.
Materials: books

Collection: Courtesy gb agency, Paris.

Sérandour goes a step further still with his project Inside the White Cube (Expanded Edition, 2008). The original book by Brian O’Doherty (1976), offers a critical assessment of the white gallery space. O’Doherty contends that the experience of art in a 'white box' environment is never neutral. Sérandour's concept infiltrates in the work of O’Doherty by printing his own texts over those of the translated book. In total, eighteen faded copies of Sérandour's version comprise a module in a perfectly white, square collection box.

Click here for the book by Brian O'Doherty.

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