75 Indicative Images

Clare Strand


Materials: 75 small frames with news paper images

Collection: Courtesy Clare Strand.

For 75 Indicative Images (2013), Strand selected seventy-five black-and-white images of everyday objects and actions from a range of magazines and then framed them piece-by-piece, thereby lifting them out of their original habitual contexts. This extensive series is a summation of two earlier projects: The Seven Basic Propositions and The Ragpicker's Tower. Both were compilations selected from her extensive archives of images and texts .

The presentation of a beginning, an end, a duration or interruption of an experience or moment, turn time into something that is discontinuous, ephemeral. This is a feeling that everyone recognizes from, for instance, checking into and out of a hotel. The incongruous combinations of images make the empty spaces between the frames only more emphatically present. What is the relationship between these fragments of information? What might inhabit these intervals? The uniform, standardized presentation of a seemingly incoherent series of 'neutral' photographs inevitably triggers the viewer’s experiences of coming to terms with visual signs and invitations to interpret the ways of the world.

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