Occupying the Museum

Jan De Cock


Print, 80 x (72 x 102 cm).
Materials: white wooden box white portfolio of 80 prints; colour offset on Périgord Condat 350gr

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7812_M516).

Occupying the Museum is an exhibition on paper of his 2005 intervention Denkmal 53 at Tate Modern.  Some eighty frames reflecting different aspects of De Cock's work and the reaction of viewers to his installations. The artist refers to his works with 'Denkmal', The German word for 'monument'.  At the same time, it consists of the words 'denk' and 'mal', and thus can be read as "a form for thinking”, about the relationship of the artist to the museum world. De Cock wishes to bring new form to reality, and to shake viewers out of their habitual ways of thought.  

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