Dirk Braeckman


Photography, 180 X 120 cm.
Materials: silver gelatine print, aluminium

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7264).

Unusual cropping in this series means that several of the objects are only partly shown, or not at all. The overall feeling is ominous, although there is no visible trace of any threat. The experience is an internal one. Braeckman says: ‘When you reduce everything it comes straight at you. Sex, death. I know it sounds like a narrow cliché, but you have to dare admit that that’s what it’s about. That power and destructiveness of it, the feeling and the anti-feeling: it certainly remains an underlying layer in my work. However much it may be below the surface. Remarkably enough, in my work it has a lot to do with the cropping. The fact that you don’t see certain things, or that you do.’

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