Feu d'artifice [Fireworks]

Luc Tuymans


Video, 00:26:43.
Materials: Videotape U-matic, KCA 30

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7792_M496).

Feu d'artifice is a recording of a performance by Luc Tuymans which took place in 7 July 1982 in the Koninklijke Gaanderijen (Royal Galleries), a collonade nearly 400 meters in length in Ostend, Belgium. Feu d'artifice is a key work within Tuymans' oeuvre. It is his first video-experiment, created during a period in the 80s in which he temporarily gave up on painting. The encounter with film techniques has been influential on his later canvases. For instance, paintings like La Correspondance and Antichambre are rooted in his interest in film.

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