Fragment uit zelfportret als gebouw (bundel van vergissingen) [Fragment from self-portrait as a building (bundle of mistakes)]

Mark Manders


Installation, 102 x 21 x 28 cm.
Materials: mixed media

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp - Donation Friends of M HKA, 1995 (Inv. no. S0065).

*‘Fragment from self-portrait as a building (bundle of mistakes)’* is a fine metal framework to which all manner of found objects – among which, a desiccated mouse – are attached. This sculpture, which in principle may stand alone, can also be integrated into the larger installation *Fragment from self-portrait as a building* (1993). This is why the work is characteristic for Mark Manders’ oeuvre, where the separate works (as virtual rooms) ultimately all are components of his total *self-portrait as a building*.

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