- If Language Substitutes the Title -

Honoré δ'O


Installation, variable dimensions.
Materials: pvc, mixed media

Collection: Courtesy Honoré δ'O.

For this exhibition, Honoré δ'O creates a mural drawing where he accords a prominent role to the material usually hidden away under a layer of plaster: grey PVC pipes. Not only does he liberate this material from its invisible position, he also redeems it from its limited function. Suddenly the material acquires unexpected, elegant characteristics, and a new form of writing comes into being.

Whereas on first sight his installations often seem like a disorderly amalgam of materials, on closer inspection we see that they are full of well-considered compositions and that there is an ordered chaos to be found in the details. The same elements often recur in different combinations as well.

The art practice of Honoré δ'O is not ponderous; rather it is light-footed and playfully subversive. As visitors, we are invited to play along with his game, and to free ourselves from habitual conventions of seeing too. Honoré δ'O activates our gaze: you can look at the work from various points of view, and along with a changing perspective, this invariably generates new meanings.

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