III Programm Veränderlich

Chris Reinecke


Textile, 79 x 78 cm.
Materials: coloured sewing thread on fleece

Collection: Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art, Düsseldorf.

During the action Zeit und Arbeit (performed successively in Trier, Copenhagen and Aachen, 1969) Chris Reinecke draws patterns with circles and lines for 8 hours. The monotonous action depicts her experience with computer work, and the aesthetic result of line drawings depicts the binary ‘thinking’ of a computer. For the third action, Programme III, she weaves a fabric from webbing and strips of wrapping paper, which is wrapped in cord and spread out like a net in the exhibition space. Underneath, there are sheets of paper on the floor. At the end of the work process, visitors are free to continue working. The actions are intended as a means of critically analysing working conditions and their compatibility with creative design.

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