Leegte is vorm [Emptiness is form]

Guy Rombouts



Collection: Collection M HKA (Inv. no. S0394).

Guy Rombouts always explores the implicit sensitivity of all types of found materials, on the lookout for the visual/sculptural potentialities of script. He develops ‘writings’ where form and content coincide in as exemplary a manner as possible. The installation Leegte is vorm (Emptiness is Form), that Rombouts made for an exhibition at the artists’ forum Factor 44, is a good example here. The 26 colorful shopping bags from which this work is constituted, in each case contains a found object that represents a certain letter of the alphabet, beginning with ‘amfoor’ (amphora) and ending with ‘zeef’ (sieve). In this way Rombouts makes a concrete, sculptural and more intuitive variant of our alphabet.

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