Luc Tuymans



Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0345).

In 2006 Luc Tuymans donated an important part of his oeuvre, namely the Polaroids to the M HKA. This ensemble – around 1060 polaroids in total – is now in the public domain and the M HKA is charged with its management. Tuymans makes consistent use of polaroids in his investigations of ‘the image’. He likes the overexposure inherent to the polaroid medium. Furthermore, these are an essential component of his method of painting production. Liesbeth Decan, in an article for the Fotomuseum Magazine, has already commented on the pictorial quality of the polaroid and the manner that Tuymans makes use of it. The M HKA has digitalized the hundreds of polaroids and is working further on the series’ documentation. The aim is to investigate their connection with the paintings, in collaboration with Luc Tuymans, Gallery Zeno X, the gallery of Luc Tuymans and Studio Luc Tuymans.

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