Apostolos Georgiou


Materials: acrylic, canvas

Collection: Private Collection.

Apostolos Georgiou’s painterly work is characterized by a distinctive personal style, formed in the 1980s. Untitled is an anthropocentric and markedly narrative painting, where the artist draws his subjects from people’s everyday lives. Interpersonal relationships, and personal anxieties and deadlocks, are conveyed with a subtle sense of humour, sarcasm and affection, throwing into relief the existential and autobiographical character of his work, as well as his central questioning of human relationships and human existence. […] Georgiou paints from nature, through the observation of the world around him. His subjects are mostly derived from his personal experience and from small everyday episodes, focusing on situations such as chaos, confusion, and complication, as well as on a nonsensical and often surreal element, which he detects even in the most quotidian acts. […] Through his prosaic descriptions, Georgiou investigates deeper questions concerning the constant presence of human fear and the fundamental despair and difficulties in life. The protagonist is an anti-hero filled with a poignant sense of life and an anxiety to exist in this world. 

— Daphne Vitali

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