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Met M HKA Ensembles zetten we onze eerste échte stappen in het digitale landschap. Ons doel is met behulp van nieuwe media de kunstwerken nog beter te kaderen dan we tot nu toe hebben kunnen doen.

We geven momenteel prioriteit aan smartphones en tablets, m.a.w. de in-museum-ervaring. Maar we zijn evenzeer hard aan het werk aan een veelzijdige desktop-versie. Tot het zover is vind je hier deze tussenversie.

M HKA goes digital

Embracing the possibilities of new media, M HKA is making a particular effort to share its knowledge and give art the framework it deserves.

We are currently focusing on the experience in the museum with this application for smartphones and tablets. In the future this will also lead to a versatile desktop version, which is now still in its construction phase.

Ensemble: Jimmie Durham 1994 - 2012

Fruit%20table © Maria Thereza Alves

Jimmie Durham moved to Europe in 1994 and has lived ever since in Brussels, Lisbon, Marseille, Rome and Berlin, where he is presently based (2012). Since then, Durham has been working with a series of projects focusing on themes such as architecture and national narratives. Stone has also been strongly present in Durham’s work as a material as well as a tool, often as an anti-architectural and anti-monumental statement.

He has continued exhibiting worldwide, also taking part in major events such as the Venice Biennale and will exhibit once more at Documenta in Kassel, Germany, in the summer of 2012. In May 2012 Durham’s work is presented in his largest retrospective to this date at the M HKA in the exhibition Jimmie Durham. A Matter of Life and Death and Singing.

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Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, Untitled, 1994.Text.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Nothing Works Out Right (Except Sometimes Almost), 1994.Text.

209 1994 le%20faut tarot%20des%20franc plombier

>Jimmie Durham, Les faux-tarots des franc-plombiers, 1994.Installation, paint, canvas, variable dimensions.

216 1994 corbel

>Jimmie Durham, Corbel, 1994.Sculpture, painted wood, papier-mâché, polyester, 33 x 39 x 22 cm.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, A Friend of Mine Said that Art is a European Invention, 1994.Text.

002 m

>Jimmie Durham, Garçon, Garou, Gargouille, 1994.Sculpture, papier maché, pvc pipe, leather, 150 x 400 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Paradigm for an Arch, 1994.Sculpture, pvc pipe, wood, papier maché, horn, paper, polystyrene, cloth, 308 x 215 x 20 cm.

Durham%20man beautiful house 1

>Julian Villaseñor, Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, The Man Who Had a Beautiful House, 1994.Video, dvd, 00:07:27.

218 1994 un%20example

>Jimmie Durham, Un example, 1994.Sculpture, wood, stone, papier maché, glass, coal expoxy, 46 x 65 x 11 cm.

Dsc 0576

>Jimmie Durham, Não adianta..., 1995.Sculpture.

Dsc 0574

>Jimmie Durham, Parecem dramáticos..., 1995.Sculpture, wood, paper, iron, 28 x 23 x 34 cm.

Dsc 0575

>Jimmie Durham, Não sei se posso desejar-lhe..., 1995.Sculpture, wood, ceramic, 113 x 12 x 14 cm.

Dsc 0577

>Jimmie Durham, Foi coincidência, 1995.Sculpture, wood, stone, mirror, iron, grafite, photography, text, 20 x 49 x 43 cm.

029 1995 fotobox 25

>Jimmie Durham, The Center of the World at Middelburg, 1995.Installation, mixed media, variable dimensions.

Jd note%20on%20glass 1995

>Jimmie Durham, Note on Glass, 1995.Text, paper, marker.

Siberia m

>Jimmie Durham, A Staff for the Center of the World in Siberia, 1995.Performance.


>Maria Thereza Alves, Jimmie Durham, 13, Rue Fenelon, 1995.Video, 00:30:00.

014 1995 durham pole%20for%20the%20center%20of%20the%20world%20and%20brussels

>Jimmie Durham, Pole for the center of the World and Brussels (sic), 1995.Sculpture, wood, mirror, cable, 185 x 6 x 6 cm.

141 m

>Jimmie Durham, Maquette for Public Monument for the Birthday of Rome, 1995.Sculpture, mixed media, 34 x 20 x 20 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Public Monument for the Birthday of Rome, 1995.Installation, mixed media, 250 x 450 x 250 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Enough!, 1995.Video, 00:02:40.

016 m

>Jimmie Durham, Do you Say I'm Lying?, 1995.Sculpture, wood, canvas, paint, steel, sea shell, metal coin, 62 x 66 x 17 cm.

Amberes photo m hka cc 2019 cc 01 9

>Jimmie Durham, Resurrection, 1995.Multiple, tv set, flagstones, variable dimensions.

002 1997 durham tryptich%20as%20sandwich 2

>Jimmie Durham, Triptych as Sandwich in Red Granite and Belgian Mail Sack, 1995.Sculpture, red granite, belgian mail sack, 11 x 47 x 29 cm.

Durham jimmie  1%289%29

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Self-Portrait as Rosa Lévy, 1995-2006.Photography, ink, paper, variable dimensions.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Collected Stones, 1995-2002.Video, dvd, 00:24:13.

Dsc 0596

>Jimmie Durham, Elements from La Porte de l'Europe (les bourgeois de Calais), 1996.Mixed Media.

Frac 3

>Jimmie Durham, Drawing performance, 1996.Performance.

Vlcsnap 2012 02 07 14h43m32s117

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Stoning the Refrigerator, 1996.Video.

Vlcsnap 2012 02 07 14h25m24s249

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, HTV, 1996.Video, pal, 00:02:30.

Durham stone 1

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, A Heavy Stone, 1996.Video, pal, 00:01:00.

A stone from metternich's house 1996 lowres

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, A Stone from Metternich's House in Bohemia, 1996.Video, pal, 00:00:30.

Vlcsnap 2012 02 07 14h52m06s139

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Incident at Middelburg, 1996.Video, pal, 00:01:12.

Jd 1277

>Jimmie Durham, Oui / Pas Oui, 1996.Drawing, 9 x .

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, The Libertine and The Stone Guest, 1996.Text.

185 1996 barriere%20rouge%20en%20perspective

>Jimmie Durham, Barrière rouge, en perspective, 1996.Installation, wood, string, variable dimensions.

114 m

>Jimmie Durham, Le bâton pour marquer le centre du monde à Reims, 1996.Sculpture, wood, mirror, 192 x 6 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Un projet à Lille, 1996-1997.Video.

062 a m

>Jimmie Durham, The Four Directions, 1996.Sculpture, wood, metal, bone button, variable dimensions.

031 m

>Jimmie Durham, Shrouds and Swaddling Clothes of Decomissioned Saints, 1996.Installation, plastic, clothes, dirt, hair, glue, 2 x (28 x 45 x 45 cm).

029 m

>Jimmie Durham, Une machine désire de l'instruction comme un jardin désire de la discipline, 1996.Installation, wood, cotton thread, print on paper, Variable dimensions.

172 1997 portable%20fountain%20in%20case%20your%20roof%20leaks

>Jimmie Durham, A Fountain in Case Your Roof Leaks, 1996.Sculpture, glass, wood, steel pot, rope, 123 x 50 x 50 cm.

39392009 02 02j durham

>Jimmie Durham, St. Frigo, 1996.Sculpture, refrigerator, 132 x 60 x 60 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, The Center of the World or How to get at Chalma, 1997.Installation.

044a m

>Jimmie Durham, One Thousand Objects for the Thousandth Anniversary of Trondheim, 1997.Installation, mixed media.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Pink Granite at Work, 1997.Video, pal, 00:01:00.

006 1996 durham hommage%20to%20david%20hammons

>Jimmie Durham, Homage to David Hammons, 1997.Installation, porcelain, stone, pvc, Variable dimensions.


>Jimmie Durham, Arc de Triomphe for Personal Use (Turquoise), 1997.Sculpture, painted metal, 250 x 150 x 100 cm.

065 m

>Jimmie Durham, Eurasia, A Scent, 1997.Sculpture, glass bottle, scent, textile, 25 x 7 x 10 cm.

012 m

>Jimmie Durham, The Fountain of the Two Birds, 1997-2012.Installation, plastic bottles, pvc gutter, water, variable dimensions.

Mustard%20and%20ketchup 99

>Jimmie Durham, Ketchup and Mustard, 1997.Mixed Media, condiments, canvas, 140 x 190 x 6 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Notwithstanding, 1998.Drawing, graphite, paper, 107 x 78 cm.

142 m

>Jimmie Durham, Eleven Stone Parts, 1998.Sculpture, mixed media, variable dimensions.

Dsc 0535

>Jimmie Durham, A Stone Bra for the Venus de Milo, 1998.Mixed Media, chalk, ink, paper, 30 x 40 cm, 42 x 29.7 cm.

Jd2837 1

>Jimmie Durham, The Dangers of Petrification II, 1998-2007.Installation, paper, stone, variable dimensions.

145 m

>Jimmie Durham, The Dangers of Petrification I, 1998-2007.Installation, stone, paper, knife, ceramics, variable dimensions.

156 m

>Jimmie Durham, A Piece of Concrete Wearing a Stone Mask and a Necktie, 1999.Sculpture, mixed media, 93 x 34 x 18 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, You Have Another Chance [U Heeft Nog Een Kans], 2000.Installation.

Jimmie durham  still life with architectural elements  200. courtesy galerie nordenhake  stockholm. photo mario valente

>Jimmie Durham, Still Life with Architectural Elements, 2000.Assemblage, metal, table, marble table top, stone, acrylic paint.

126 m

>Jimmie Durham, A Stone Asleep in Bed at Home, 2000.Installation, grey granite, cotton, chestnut wood, pinewood, 200 x 155 x 101 cm.

Kitakyushu 2

>Jimmie Durham, Stoneheart, 2001.Performance.


>Jimmie Durham, Fruit Table, 2001.Video, 00:01:30.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, Nature in the City: a Diary., 2001.Text.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, A Gift To The Future, 2001.Text.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, Personal Triumphs of the Fourth Kind, 2001.Text.

Vitrine of childish delights 04

>Jimmie Durham, The Vitrine of Childish Delights, 2001.Installation, glass vitrine, shells, seeds, wood, 85 x 75 x 25 cm.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, Anders Tornberg, 2002.Text.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, The Right to Dismiss, 2002.Text.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, The Pursuit of Happiness, 2002.Video, 35 mm, dvd, 00:12:00.

Vue 339 09

>Jimmie Durham, Almost Spontaneous #4, 2003.Painting, 120 x 100 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Hommage à Filliou 2, 2003.Installation.


>Jimmie Durham, Stone Top (Nest), 2003.Installation, car, stone, variable dimensions.


>Jimmie Durham, Perhaps Mr. Palomar , 2003.Sculpture, grey granite, acrylic paint, 21 x 12 x 12 cm.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, In the Joyeria of the Zanahorias, 2003.Text.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, On Contact [Over Contact], 2003.Text.


>Jimmie Durham, Black Walnut, 2003.Assemblage, paper, text, black walnut wood, walnuts, variable dimensions.

Roman marz

>Jimmie Durham, Hommage à Filliou, 2003.Sculpture, purpurin, oil, pine wood, 100 x 75 x 33 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, This Stone Had Always Wanted To Be a Fish... Some People Are Never Satisfied, 2003.Sculpture, grey granite, acrylic, 30 x 64 x 43 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, The Names of the Team of Scientists who Submitted an Article on the Human Chromosome 14 in Nature Magazine, February 2003., 2003.Mixed Media, 130 x 100 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Tocetea, 2003.Video, dvd, 00:00:26.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, Stones Rejected by the Builder, 2004.Text.


>Jimmie Durham, Arc de Triomphe for Personal Use (Prague version), 2004.Sculpture, wood, paint, metal, 230 x 110 x 110 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, A Sculpture in Two Dimensions, 2004.Video, 00:00:30.


>Jimmie Durham, The Seven Directions, 2004.Installation.

Durham soh 1

>Jimmie Durham, Still Life with Stone and Car, 2004.Installation, car, stone, acrylic paint, variable dimensions.

Img 0090

>Jimmie Durham, Untitled (Apecar), 2004.Sculpture, stone, car, variable dimensions.


>Jimmie Durham, White Marble, Green Stone, Red Stone and Lavender Granite, 2004.Assemblage, cardboard, photograph, stone, 180 x 80 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Decorative Stones for Home, 2004.Assemblage, rug, semi-precious stones, 332 x 63 cm.

Jd misc photo 0095

>Jimmie Durham, Suggested Proposal for a New Architecture n°3, 2004.Sculpture, wood, stone, paper, 88 x 27 x 10 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Suggested Proposal for a New Architecture n°1, 2004.Sculpture, stone, wood, 70 x 8 x 8 cm.

Jd misc photo 0094

>Jimmie Durham, Suggested Proposal for a New Architecture n°2, 2004.Sculpture, stone, wood, 60 x 37 x 15 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Black Shale on European Wood, 2004.Sculpture, 90 x 93 x 51 cm.

Durham 01

>Jimmie Durham, A Staff to Mark The Center of the World, Gwangju Biennale, 2004.Sculpture, wood, ink and paint on paper, plastic, 3 pieces, each ca 250 x 10 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Prehistoric Stone Tool, 2004.Mixed Media, wood, paint, stone, 75 x 85 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Smashing, 2004.Video, 00:92:00.


>Jimmie Durham, Snack bar variations, 2005.Text.


>Jimmie Durham, Détour, 2005.Installation, pvc, stone.

Jd diag4

>Jimmie Durham, Charts, 2005.Drawing, pencil, ink, paper, 51 x 72 cm (x 4).

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, Zinnias, 2005.Text.

Thepieceofwood 7043

>Jimmie Durham, The Piece of Wood, 2005.Mixed Media, print on paper, wood, variable dimensions.

Geen foto

>Jimmie Durham, The Piece of Wood, 2005.Text.

Thesepolishedstones 7041

>Jimmie Durham, These Polished Stones Are from Brazil, 2005.Assemblage, polished stones, painted wood panel, text, 100 x 78 x 1 cm.

Durham%20radio 1

>Jimmie Durham, Untitled (Radio), 2005.Object, mixed media, 147 x 35 x 23 cm.

39912009 02 02j durham

>Jimmie Durham, Something (Perhaps a Fugue or an Elegy), 2005.Installation, 100 x 600 x 400 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Where a heavy stone opened red, yellow and blue paint, 2006.Painting, paint, tubes, canvas, 100 x 120 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, A Stone Rejected by the Builder (2), 2006.Sculpture, stone, wood, acrylic paint, 26 x 48 x 20 cm, 75 x 59 x 28 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Head, 2006.Sculpture, wood, paper, hair, turquoise, metal tray, shell, 25 x 45 x 45 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, A Piece of Granite Shaped like a Camel's Head, 2006.Sculpture, red granite, glass, 36 x 23 x 15 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Confessional Hair and Dirt on Canvas Piece, 2006.Sculpture, hair, dirt, canvas, wood, 185 x 90 x 15 cm.

Home%20becomes%20further%20away archive%20jd

>Jimmie Durham, Home Becomes Further Away, 2006.Sculpture, cobblestones, wood, stone, variable dimensions.


>Jimmie Durham, The Tower Was Equipped with a Glass Safety Shield, 2006.Sculpture, mixed media, 66 x 30 x 17 cm.

39692009 01 28j durham

>Jimmie Durham, A Stone Rejected by the Builder (1), 2006.Sculpture, stone, wood, acrylic paint, 34 x 41 x 20 cm (stone), 55 x 48 x 35 cm (table).


>Jimmie Durham, A Mushroom from the Grunewald Forest, 2006.Assemblage, dried mushroom, ink, wood, mounted on cardboard. , 85 x 67 x 10 cm, 53 x 67 x 10 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Snake Eyes!, 2006.Collage, collage, wood, 125 x 81 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, They Almost Fit, 2006.Collage, wood, 110 x 85 cm.

Stone statue

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Self-Portrait Pretending to Be a Stone Statue of Myself, 2006.Photography, ink, paper, variable dimensions.

Durham jimmie  1%284%29

>Jimmie Durham, Self-Portrait with Black Eye and Bruises, 2006.Photography, ink, paper, 79 x 60 cm.

Maria thereza terminator

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Self-Portrait Pretending to Be Maria Thereza Alves as Terminator, 2006.Photography, ink, paper, 80,7 x 60,7 cm.

Mother isabel brey

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Self-Portrait Pretending to Be my Mother as Played by Isabel Perera, 2006.Photography, ink, paper, variable dimensions.

Maria thereza

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Self-Portrait Pretending to Be Maria Thereza Alves, 2006.Photography, ink, paper, variable dimensions.


>Jimmie Durham, Here's a Peanut Shaped Like a Bird, 2006.Sculpture, wood, paint, formica, peanut, 160 x 49 x 47 cm.

Jd misc photo 0101

>Jimmie Durham, You Cannot Book a Judge under Cover, 2006.Installation, 120 x 80 x 80 cm.


>Maria Thereza Alves, Jimmie Durham, Grünewald, 2006.Video, 00:13:55.

 mg 2016

>Jimmie Durham, The Road Not Taken, 2007.Sculpture, wood, leather, horse skull, ca 180 x 70 x 70.

Dsc 0541

>Jimmie Durham, Red Foot, 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media.

Jimmie%20durham %20norwegian%20construction%20lumber%20no.2 slate,wood.linseed%20oil

>Jimmie Durham, Norwegian Construction Lumber n° 2, 2007.Sculpture, shale, wood, linseed oil, ca. 5m.


>Jimmie Durham, Xitle and Spirit, 2007.Sculpture, vulcanic stone, car, acrylic paint, variable dimensions.

 mg 2042

>Jimmie Durham, Sea Shell Piece, 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media sculpture with sea shell and sound: fuck you, 119 x 22 x 51 cm.

 mg 2055

>Jimmie Durham, Red Handle, 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media sculpture with sound: glass, 95 x 105 x 92 cm.

 mg 2019

>Jimmie Durham, Familial (overcoat), 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media sculpture with overcoat and sound: low frequency, 60 x 90 x 80 cm.

 mg 2056

>Jimmie Durham, S'Leave, 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media sculpture and sound: lonesome day, 189 x 80 x 100 cm.

 mg 2057

>Jimmie Durham, Black Guard, 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media sculpture with sound: duo jimmie durham and maria thereza, 125 x 55 x 80 cm.

 mg 2043

>Jimmie Durham, Lawrence Livermore Radiation Facility, 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media sculpture with jacket and sound: you always hurt, 183 x 80 x 80 cm.

 mg 2039

>Jimmie Durham, Dial Tone , 2007.Mixed Media, mixed media sculpture with sound: baby lament, 60 x 80 x 200 cm.

Dsc 0544

>Jimmie Durham, Arc de Triomphe for Personal Use (Grey), 2007.Sculpture, wood, paint, 150 x 100 x 100 cm.

J.durham painted%20self%20portrait

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Painted Self-Portrait, 2007.Photography, acrylic, marker, ink, colour photograph, 83 x 60.5 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Labyrinth Elements, 2007.Installation, wood, metal, variable dimensions (each piece 5 to 6 cm).

Screen%20shot%202012 02 28%20at%2014.41.25

>Jimmie Durham, Untitled (performance at Reykjavik Experiment Marathon), 2008.Performance.

Durham 0021

>Jimmie Durham, Pallas Athena, 2008.Mixed Media, 245 x 145 x 90 cm.


>Maria Thereza Alves, Jimmie Durham, Museum of European Normality, 2008.Installation.


>Jimmie Durham, The Bluebird of Happiness and the Miner's Canary, 2008.Sculpture, hat rack base (american black walnut wood), truck rear-view mirror, deer antler, television antena, paint brushes, acrylic paint, drumsticks, pins, oak sapling, 300 x 80 x 90 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, Thinking of You, 2008.Sculpture, steel, aluminium, 300 x 150 x 150 cm, base : 99cm (diameter).

Duram euroman

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Self-Portrait Pretending to Be Euroman, 2008.Photography, ink, paper, 81 x 61 cm.

Self portrait%20pretending%20to%20be%20haim%20steinbach%20as%20played%20by%20haim%20steinbach lr

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Self-Portrait Pretending to Be Haim Steinbach as Played by Haim Steinbach, 2008.Photography, ink, paper, 81 x 61 cm.

39752009 01 28j durham

>Jimmie Durham, Sweet Light Crude, 2008.Installation, painted oil barrels, variable dimensions.

Renoult19 02 09 2

>Jimmie Durham, Encore tranquillité, 2008.Sculpture, airplane, stone, chains, 150 x 860 x 860 cm.


>Jimmie Durham, The pen is mightier, Mexico, 2009.Drawing, graphite, cotton paper, 81 x 61 cm.

Jd 010

>Jimmie Durham, Joe David Screen, 2009.Mixed Media, black marker, projection screen, 220 x 90 x 140 cm .

Dsc 0547

>Jimmie Durham, Various Elements from the Actual World, 2009.Mixed Media, 300 x 250 cm.

Img 0027

>Jimmie Durham, Detour over Rome, 2009.Installation.

Vlcsnap 2012 02 08 09h11m01s87

>Jimmie Durham, Obsidiana, 2009.Video, dvd, 00:05:43.


>Jimmie Durham, Tower, 2009.Sculpture, wood, glass, 210 x 90 x 90 cm.

Jd 001

>Jimmie Durham, Self-portrait with Traditional Scottish Kwilt, 2010.Mixed Media, 100 x 3,5 x 85 cm.

Jd 003

>Jimmie Durham, Second Life, 2010.Sculpture, wooden table, wooden golf club, plastic tape, a book, 73 x 60 x 110 cm.

Jimmie durham exhibition  rocks encouraged  at portikus frankfurt 2

>Jimmie Durham, Rocks Encouraged, 2010.Installation, petrified wood, text, variable dimensions.


>Jimmie Durham, Maquette for a Museum of Switzerland, 2011.Installation.

Durham,%20jimmie%20cujo,%20year%20iii%20,%20first%20issue%20%20photo%20m%20hkaclinckx 4

>Andrea Lissoni, Jimmie Durham, Andrea Amichetti, CUJO - Jimmie Durham, 2011.Book, paper, plastic.


>Jimmie Durham, Jimmie Durham - Amoxohtli, Libro de Carretera / A Road Book, 2011.Book, 20,9 cm x 15,8 cm.

Dsc 5359

>Jimmie Durham, 100 Notes - 100 Thoughts / 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken (Booklet N° 049 dOCUMENTA 13) : Jimmie Durham - Material, 2012.Book, ink, paper, 21 cm x 14,7 cm, 22 p.

Vlcsnap 2012 02 07 14h35m53s133

>Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves, Nature Morte.Video, pal, 00:00:45.