David Evrard

° 1970

Lives in Brussels (Belgium).

David Evrard is an artist and writer. Since his very first collaborative work (1989) he kept the taste for group production and experience (Building Underwood, Joe Dalton, Potential Estate, YEAR...).

His practice can be seen as a permanent flux of collages, images, sculptures, books, films, etc. working in layers and accumulation. From painting to text, his imaginary is made by huts, old-fashioned objects that he mixes up with glamour, «graphisme brute», primitivism and the cult of the underground magazines. If the work can be enclosed in some formalist conceptualism, it’s never far from literature as a mean to come accross the vernacular culture that is addressed here. One can try one’s luck to say that his art is close to music as a model because of the sense of improvisation and on the other hand, he worked under different group names, in the line of free jazz and punk.

David Evrard is part of the collective project Potential Estate and he is co-editor of YEAR annual book. David Evrard’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Bozar, BPS22, Zoo galerie, Chamarande, Etablissement d’en face, Confort moderne... and in collective shows such as Lyon Biennial, Brussels Biennial, ICC, Santa Monica contemporary art centre, La Box, Credac, Komplot, Extra City.

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