Marlow Moss

1890 - 1958

"I am no painter, I don't see form, I only see space, movement and light." (Marlow Moss)

Marlow (or Marjorie) Moss (1890-1958) moved in Mondrian’s circles and made constructivist paintings. Moss lived in London for a number of years, but because by her own account, she did not find what she was wanted at traditional art academies, she spent most of her time at the library of The British Museum. There, she studied cubism, impressionism and all the avant-garde movements that followed. She became interested in, and convinced of, the unity between art and life. If art was a metaphor for life, in her opinion, light, space and movement were the most important things that a piece of art should express. Art should create a new reality with abstract means.

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