Nico Dockx

° 1974

Lives in Antwerp (), born in Ekeren ().

Nico Dockx expresses his fascination for structural processes like archiving, inventories, memory, data-management and information transfer via different media and methods. He often works in collaboration with artists from other disciplines to carry out his challenging projects. He himself is not only a visual artist, but makes a living as a graphic designer, curator and publisher of his own independent label ‘CURIOUS’. The relationship with fellow-artists, but also with architecture, experimental music and the moving image, is essential for Dockx. He wants to commemorate every space he works in via multimedia installations that unsettle us. The idea for these interdisciplinary laboratories arose a few years ago when he opened the doors of his studio to other artists. Dockx felt it more important to get together with others and share ideas than merely to cogitate on his own. This is why ‘the archive’ plays such a fundamental role in Dockx’s presentations. And it is not just his own e-mails, sound documents and images that are used during his artistic interventions. In fact, he mainly takes recourse in the personal archives of others as an inexhaustible well of material. For Dockx these archives are a kinetic instrument and serve to connect and keep in touch with colleagues.

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