Affiches [Posters]


“I always want a poster to have a special impact, an impact that goes far beyond the purely informational aspect.  I use the poster to show beforehand the dream that I'm busy with.  With the right sketch or drawing of whatever, you can evoke the atmosphere of adventure.  That says far more about my oeuvre than just an invitation card with my name and the date on it..." — Panamarenko

Year after year, Panamarenko has continued to amaze the art world with his spectacular constructions of beguiling beauty, at once playful and impressive.  Moreover, with his drawings, collages, scientific postulations and utopian pamphlets, he continually breaks new ground — be it here on planet Earth or in the far-off cosmos.

This vastness and variety is apparent not only from the innumerable monographs and catalogues devoted to the artist and his works that have appeared over the years, but also via the private-collection of the Panamarenko archivist who has assembled over one-hundred Panamarenko posters.  At the start of 2014, this entire voluminous archive was acquired by the Flemish Community and entrusted to the M HKA.

A number of these posters have in the meantime attained iconic status in the oeuvre of the artist, but many others remain much less well-known to the greater public.  An overview, please! 

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