Space of World Making


Space of World Making (with a reflection by Taras Kachka)

Any meaningful relation to the world today is ineluctably multi-faceted. In his reflection on the Soviet heritage, Danylo Galkin points out how for Ukraine this relation, beginning in a historical awareness of self, has resemblances to the decolonialist discourse of the Global South. The desire to create cultural localisation today must be negotiated in terms of the global relational of materials, exchanges and ideas.

Babi Badalov (Azerbaijan, 1959), Danylo Galkin (Ukraine, 1985), Sheela Gowda (India, 1957), Nástio Mosquito (Angola, 1981), Otobong Nkanga (Nigeria, 1974), Allan Sekula (USA, 1951-2013), Adrien Tirtiaux (Belgium, 1980)

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