The Flow of the World



By looking at the work of Danae Stratou, Ria Pacquée and Kimsooja we thought about the Flow of the World.

This idea is about the world as a singular entity where on its surface nature and civilization are constantly flowing. We might conceive of objects as related to one place of origin, but in reality, from the molecules in a glass of water to the fabric of our clothes and the circuits in our devices all prove that matter is in constant flux around the world. The works of the artists in this group remind us of the spiritual and material, natural and man-induced transit of our environment. Indeed, you can never step into the same river twice.

The one channel video Inch 'Allah by Pacquée, interweaves experiences in different parts of the world such as sand blown by the wind in the desert and on a Belgian coast. Stratou’s River of Life shows a unified vision of earth's major rivers as the veins of the Earth. Kimsooja's Bottari, both sculptures and containers of other objects, encapsulate the migratory flow of people. 

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