LATT: Europe at Large #1 Dmitry Prigov & Said Atabekov


M HKA, Antwerpen

11 September 2009 - 08 November 2009

Since the collapse of the USSR, the European horizon in that direction has remained limited to Russia. We know very little about what is happening in the dynamic Central Asian states and in the Caucasian countries with ancient cultures. The Russian critic and theorist Viktor Misiano has for several years been working to support the artists of this region, which has resulted in some controversial exhibitions. He selected those artistic points of reference he considered most crucial, which included key works by the artists concerned. These works are shown in ensembles and will ultimately also be incorporated into the museum’s collection. The first presentation is of work by Dmitry Prigov, the recently deceased dissident, conceptual artist and poet from Moscow, and the Uzbek artist Said Atabekov. Prigov’s avant-garde work is at the same time the starting point for the whole series.

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