The Day The Earth Stood Still



The film The Day The Earth Stood Still tells how an alien arrives to counsel planet Earth to settle its disputes peaceably.  During a scene that stayed etched in Panamarenko's memory, the expression 'barada nikto' was used.  The artist found this euphonious sound to his liking, and decided to name his V1 after it.  Panamarenko considers the Barada Jet to be one of his strongest designs.

'At a certain moment in the film, a robot appears and slowly glides past.  When, lying on the ground, a just-shot soldier sees the approaching robot, he shouts: 'Barada Nikto!'.  That was the order for the robot to halt and shut the visor of his helmet.  So 'Barada Nikto' really means: 'Close down, shut up!'.  And then literally so...'  - Panamarenko   

(source: Hans Willemse en Paul Morrens, in: 'Copyright Panamarenko', 2005)

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