Philippe Van Snick


Photography, 8 x 24 cm (58 x 42.5 cm (framed)).
Materials: 4 zwart-wit foto's op glanzend barietpapier

Collection: Courtesy Philippe Van Snick & Tatjana Pieters.

"I'm not a photographer taking pictures with expression – in an expressionistic sense. On the one hand it was about the structures that I saw and that I then drew or composed. These structures I wanted to show through photography or to check them out against reality through photography. I used the camera rather as a kind of laboratory.

On the other hand, [it was] about creating signs, and to check out those signs against reality through photography. Showing (a picture of) those signs. To record that, you take a photograph of that thing."

Hilde Van Canneyt, Interview met Philippe Van Snick, 2013

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