Philippe Van Snick


Photography, 18 x 24 cm (49 x 61 (framed)).
Materials: 4 zwart-wit foto's op glanzend barietpapier met lijntekening in alcoholstift

Collection: Courtesy Philippe Van Snick & Tatjana Pieters.

Like many conceptual artists in the 1970s, Philippe Van Snick concerns himself with concepts of place and time. This is demonstrated, among others, in the works in which he indicates “directions”: directions of hikers, planes or even tennis balls. Tennis is made up of four photos of television screens airing a tennis match. On three of those photos Van Snick connected two opposing players by means of a line made in permanent marker. By doing so he emphasises the momentum of the game, which evolves in time. The work functions autonomously, but also corresponds to other photo series, such as Richtingen.

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