De Mens in het Dier

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / AMVK


Video, 00:16:04.
Materials: video (U-Matic), digitised, sound

Collection: Courtesy of the artist (Inv. no. 010).

"On interpretation and reinterpretation. The laws of thought, moral strength, the power of the image… In the original installation, a central screen shows a personal visual interpretation of Aristotle’s laws on being and non-being. On each side was a smaller monitor with surveillance footage of people viewing three double-sided paintings in another room."

"Every installation, every piece of work is a survival mechanism, is the result of a mechanism that plays in a certain period of my time. Every period in my life is outlined by a series of entities that automatically evolve into a specific theme. This mechanism consists of entities such as feelings, concepts and impressions, pointing towards a theme. By using these themes, I’m able to control them, I can give them a logical position in my life. You can say that I translate or canalize my inner process into an exterior three-dimensional structure. The process puts itself into an "artefakt"." 


Camera: AMVK, Paul Willems

Editing: AMVK, Lu-Group

Soundtrack: AMVK

Actors: Wouter De Rijck, DDV, Marc Vanrunxt, AMVK

Produced by: ICC Antwerpen, Club Moral

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