Fridericianum erstes Obergeschoss [Fredericianum, First Floor]

Hermann Pitz


Sculpture, 150 x 80 x 400 cm.
Materials: wood, resin, linoleum

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK6886_M147).

The title of the work refers to the Fridericianum, one of the main locations at the Documenta exhibitions organised evary five years at Kassel in Germany. This installation consists of twelve transparent forms made of synthetic resin scattered over a large wooden table. They act as lenses that reflect and distort the surrounding space. In this way they manipulate our perception. Like real drops of water their planoconvex shapes have the effect of magnifying, whereby they become intensely permeated with the colour of the surroundings and the refraction of the light. We might therefore also interpret this work as a critique of knowledge and perception.

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