Je tu il elle

Chantal Akerman


Film, 01:26:00.

A film in three episodes. In the first, 'Je' sits alone in her room and tries to write a love letter to 'Tu', she shifts the furniture and gobbles up sugar. She wants to visit her friend and gets a ride from a trucker ('Il'). Along the way, she listens to his monologue about himself and his sexual problems, and helps him to masturbate. She arrives at her friend's apartment ('Elle'), eats, and prepares to stay overnight. What follows is a long, erotic scene that ends with Julie's departure the next morning.

Chantal Akerman's first feature length film, a minimalist psychological drama about loss and separation, solitary introspection and voyeurism, was at the time compared to the work of Alain Robbe-Grillet, Marguerite Duras and RW Fassbinder.

This film can be seen on March 2nd at 20.00 in Cinema Zuid.

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