Duplex Rehearsal

Hermann Pitz


Installation, 125 x 10 x 62 cm.
Materials: light box

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK6069_M119).

Hermann Pitz processes his life’s-experience together with impressions of previous exhibitions in photographs that in their turn become the raw material for new work. His piece Duplex Rehearsal is one such combination of retrospection and synthesis. It consists of a light-box mounted on a wall, containing a photo of Pitz’s studio with some of his works. The photographically recorded space is shown through various points of view. Standing on a table in the studio is a maquette of a city, somewhat enlarged in the photograph and seen through a convex lens. Here Pitz focuses on his subject in extreme close-up. The original image becomes the background of a voyeuristic staging. In addition, the photograph show parts of old installations, including an early version of Modèles pour objets en verre (models for objects in glass). The viewer is thus confronted with both the ‘now’, namely the studio, as well as historical aspects of Pitz’s oeuvre. Through the interaction of photographic and three-dimensional work – here, particularly the maquette – and the re-photographing of his work, Pitz creates a new reality.

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