L’Africeur de Bogolan

Narcisse TordoirBréhima Kone


Installation, variable dimensions.
Materials: Bogolan, silkscreen, acrylic

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0514).

With L’Africeur de Bogolan, a textile work he made in collaboration with Malian artists Alioune Bâ and Brehima Koné, Tordoir uses a local dying technique (called Bogolan) as a lever by which to investigate the medium of painting. This ensemble grew out of three workshops on painting and photography organized by Tordoir at Centre du Soleil d’Afrique in Bamako. The works reflect the diverse use of this material in Mali, and can be subdivided into three basic categories: Bogolan artistique (one-of-a kind artworks), Bogolan nappe (textiles for the tourist trade) and Bogolan vêtements (clothing in the form of a cape).

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