Het Wonder van Wateringse Veld

Q.S. Serafijn


Book, 20 x 13.3 cm, 160 p, language: Dutch, publisher: Bleiswijk: Studio 3005, ISBN: 978 90 78627 11 1.
Materials: ink, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. B 2025/467).

Literary synopsis In the summer of 2010, Vinex location Wateringse Veld was rocked by a number of unexplained events. At the same time, two public letters appear in the local newspaper in which the author, John Wayne, mentions the catastrophic tilt of the magnetic field of the earth as predicted by the Mayans. However, Wayne predicts a positive turn instead of a catastrophe: 21-12-2012 marks the beginning of an era in which creativity and imagination will play an important role. Wateringse Veld is the preferred location, but will first have to endure a number of ordeals. Relation of the novel to the artist’s practice Q.S. Serafijn wrote *The Miracle of Wateringse Veld* as a counterpoint to the contemporary, aluminum cast, four-meter high statue of John Wayne that he placed in the centre of the new Vinex housing location Wateringse Veld (municipality of The Hague). Both the figure of John Wayne and the equestrian statue play an important role in the novella that is set in the new housing district. Novella and equestrian statue mirror each other. *The Miracle of Wateringse Veld* was distributed door-to-door among the residents of Wateringse Veld. [Novel website](http://www.qsserafijn.nl/boek/302)

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