Het Wonder van Wateringse Veld

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Material: cast aluminium, terrazzo concrete; Dimensions: 265 x 105 x 400 cm; Year: 2010; Client: Ontwikkelingscombinatie Wateringse Veld (OCWV) in collaboration with STROOM, The Hague; Location: new housing district Wateringseveld, municipality The Hague; Photos: Q.S. Serafijn, Thijs Tromp, Ralph Kämena: Extra: the equestrian statue JOHN WAYNE is based on a polyester statue of John Wayne on horseback from the Philippines. Visual artist Gijs Assmann supervised the casting and production process. In two sessions, Assmann and Serafijn transformed the original statue into the version that became the basis for the final aluminium equestrian statue that has adorned the Laan van Wateringse Veld in the new housing site Wateringseveld since September 2010. The horseman was cast in Origgio, near Milan, by Fusioni d’Arte 3V. The final detailing was executed by the Veen based De Smelterij, in a warehouse of Tomaello bv in Vlaardingen. The statue, including its oval pedestal in graffito terrazzo concrete, is four metres high. In the evenings, the horseman is illuminated like a true monument.