Antoni Muntadas

° 1942

Born in Barcelona (ES), lives in New York (US).

Antonio Muntadas subjects images from the mass media to critical sociological research. He does so by studying various information channels from our contemporary culture, such as television, newspapers, magazines, advertising and the Internet. Public institutions, the art world and the art status as well are highlighted and questioned. Muntadas shows how we are manipulated by these structures and and how mass media are handling language and images in order to influence our personal privacy. With his work, he also touches on the dynamics and the impact of  information flows and viewing habits.

As his career progresses, Muntadas' interest shifts to wider social and cultural issues. He continues to criticise all kinds of power institutes, but expands his research to various fields, such as architecture, design and media. For this purpose, he develops interactive multimedia that are often site-specific, but which transform as well, returning in a new presentation, a different form. Therefore, for the artist, the connection between his works is very important.

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